SunBloom Resort 
Barangay Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales Philippines

Express Information 
A Summary of Sunbloom Details
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Standard Room                                                                          1,400
Charge for additional person (Max 1)                                            200
Deluxe Room                                                                              2,000
Charge for additional person (Max 1)                                            300
Family Room for 6 persons                                                         4,000
Dorm Style Room for 6 persons                                                  1,800
Charge for additional persons (Max 3)                                           300
Family Room for 10 persons                                                       6,000  
Charge for additional person (Max 1)                                            300
Appliances and Kitchenware        Day Tour           Overnight
Pavilion tables                                            100                        Included
One burner stove & gas                              350                           350
Two burner stove & gas                              500                           500
Pots and pans                                               50                             50   
Own appliance electricity charge    -    please call                 please call
Room fridge for Standard room                    N/A                          1,000
Snapshot of Our Rates                                             Overnight
Misc. Items                                     Day Tour            Overnight
Potipot Island boat ride (6 persons max)     400                          400
Potipot Island entrance fee is 300 Php  per person, collected at the Island
Corkage fees - please call for details
Conference facilities                                Pls Call                    Included