SunBloom Resort 
Barangay Uacon, Candelaria, Zambales Philippines

Take a Tour of Our Rooms and Grounds

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Standard and Deluxe Rooms
We offer you a choice of regular or fully equipped rooms, all with 2 beds and room for 4 plus 1. All rooms have A/C, toilet and shower and fans.  

The Deluxe rooms have an added fridge, TV and DVD player 
Family Rooms
Our family rooms come in 3 sizes, 

two with room for 6 plus 1 and 

one room for 8 persons and

one room for 10 plus 3. 

These rooms all have heavy duty A/C, toilet and shower, TV, DVD and fans. 
Dorm Style Room
Our dorm style room is equipped with 3 double decker bunk beds for up to 6 people with room for 1 additional. 

This room has A/C, and fans. There is a large washroom with shower beside the dorm style room. 
SunBloom Resort Grounds
We are nestled in Uacon Bay, directly across from Potipot Island with a nice, clean beach and lots of sea breeze to keep you cool. We have volley-ball, picnic tables and a barbeque ​area for all to enjoy. 
The beach is cleaned every day.
The inside patio area has lots of room for tables, chairs and kids games. 
Parking is easy with our new, expanded lot. Bring on the busses!
We close the gates at night to ensure our guests are safe and secure.